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Welcome To Utah Dealer Training

On this site you can register and certify for a New Dealer Orientation or a Annual Renewal course. We explain the step-by-step dealership laws, procedures, and paperwork. We will send you your e-certificate of completion after you finish the course. Completing a Dealer Orientation course is required before you apply for your Utah dealer license.

If your dealership is already open, renew your license a few weeks before June 30th, which is when all Utah licenses expire. Subscribe with us and we will send you a reminder email a few weeks prior to the expiration.

Additionally, we offer a Dealership Checklist, links to all forms and documents, and quick access to your e-certificate. Visit our Dealership Checklist for the complete steps to opening your Utah dealership. Conveniently reference all forms you'll use at your dealership here. Lastly, easily access to your e-certificate if you lose it or need another copy.

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Complete the Dealer Orientation course, Renewal course, and subscribe to stay current with Utah policies.

Orientation Course

Required course for all new dealerships

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Renewal Course

Recertification is required by June 30 each year

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Feel free to call or email us for technical support between 9AM and 5PM.

Contact Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division for any legal or MVED-specific questions.

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